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Notice Of A Change In The Percentage Level Of A Substantial Shareholder's Interest

BackMar 29, 2012
Part I
1. Date of notice to issuer 29/03/2012
2. Name of Substantial Shareholder Wande Joint Investment Pte Ltd. ("WDJI")
3. Notice Type Notice of a Change in the Percentage Level of a Substantial Shareholder's Interest or Cessation of Interest.
Part II - Not Required
Part III
1. Date of change of Deemed Interest 29/03/2012
2. The change in the percentage level From 97.14 % To 100 %
3. Circumstance(s) giving rise to the interest or change in interest # Others

Acquisition by Wanbang Joint Investment Pte Ltd ("the Offeror") of 9,008,785 issued shares of Wanxiang ("Shares") pursuant to the exercise by the Offeror of its right of compulsory acquisition under Section 215(1) of the Companies Act.

WDJI holds approximately 63.32% of the entire issued share capital of the Offeror and is accordingly deemed to be interested in the Shares held by the Offeror by virtue of Section 7 of the Companies Act.
4. A statement of whether the change in the percentage level is the result of a transaction or a series of transactions: The change in the percentage level is the result of a series of transactions.
Part IV
1. Holdings of Substantial Shareholder, including direct and deemed interest :
  Direct Deemed
No. of shares held before the change 0 306,106,913
As a percentage of issued share capital 0 % 97.14 %
No. of shares held after the change 0 315,115,698
As a percentage of issued share capital 0 % 100 %
Footnotes The percentages are computed based on Wanxiang's issued share capital comprising 315,115,698 shares (excluding 19,668,000 shares held by Wanxiang as treasury shares).